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Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia will chair the National Corporate Governance Bulgarian Stock Exchange will chair the National Corporate Governance Committee for an eighteen months term. As decided at a meeting of the Committee, the management of BSE will take over from the former chairman, Prof. Dr. Stefan Petranov.

"Bulgarian Stock Exchange will continue to do its best for the promotion of good practices in corporate governance as it is fundamental for the overall image of the market and greatly affects investors' sentiment. I would like to thank Prof. Petranov and the rest of the Committee members for their continuous efforts in the establishment of the best practices in corporate governance. Their professionalism is of crucial importance for Committee's further activities, especially in the context of the necessity its message to reach all listed companies and other stakeholders", commented on the election Mr Ivan Takev, CEO of BSE.

The National Corporate Governance Committee was established nearly seven years ago under the patronage of BSE and the Financial Supervision Commission with the support of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. Since its establishment the exchange has taken an active role in all its initiatives. In 2012 BSE created Committee's website, which the exchange still maintains. Last year BSE took part in the restructuring of the Committee by transforming it into a non-profit entity.

source: NCGC