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By its decision dated July 4, 2014, the Sofia City Court entered in the register of non-profit legal entities National Committee for Corporate Governance.

This completes the process of institutionalization of the National Corporate Governance Committee (NCGC, the Commission). The association was founded by representatives of the business and non-governmental organizations, operating in the field of capital markets.

The mission of the Committee is to promote the establishment of best practices in corporate governance, thus helping companies to raise capital and improve their market performance.

Before being established as a non-profit entity, the Commission was founded as a successor of the Working Group on Corporate Governance - author of the Bulgarian National Corporate Governance Code, and later developed into a public-private partnership initiative for consultations and cooperation on issues regarding corporate governance at a national level.

The Committee was established on September 3, 2009 on the principle of public-private partnership for consultations and cooperation at a national level on matters of corporate governance.

source: NCGC