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In pursuance with the Rules for calculating the index of the companies enjoying good corporate governance (the Rules) and after evaluation to what extent the results of the self-assessment card correspond to the actual implementation of the principles underlying the National Code

by each company compliant with all requirements under the Rules, the NCGC has taken a decision for the following one-year period as of 23 June 2014 the index CGIX to comprise the following seven companies:
1. Industrial Holding Bulgaria PLC-Sofia
2. Monbat AD-Sofia
3. Sopharma AD-Sofia
4. Doverie United Holding PLC-Sofia
5. Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia
6. Stara Planina Hold AD-Sofia
7. Trace Group Hold AD-Sofia
The weight and free-float factors of each of the companies shall be additionally announced by BSE-Sofia.

source: NCGC