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The National Corporate Governance Commission will launch CGIX (Corporate Governance IndeX) as of September 19, 2011.

The initial index value will be 100 points. At first the technical calculation and information dissemination is to be undertaken by Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia AD. The index comprises seven (7) companies and has been weighted with the market capitalisation thereof adjusted by the free float of each one. The Companies thus included are subject to periodical review each year in the month of June, and the free-float coefficients are reviewed every three months by analogy with the indices of Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD.

The National Corporate Governance Commission has nominated the following companies which are to be included into the index as of the starting date of its calculation until its next review in the month of June 2012.

  1. Stara Planina Hold AD-Sofia
  2. Monbat AD-Sofia
  3. Sopharma AD-Sofia
  4. Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD-Sofia
  5. CB Corporate Commercial Bank AD-Sofia
  6. Kaolin AD-Senovo
  7. Enemona AD-Kozlodui

source: NCGC