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Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) chairing the National Corporate Governance Committee carries out the first of its kind in Bulgaria study of socially responsible investing (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).

The study will provide answers on how recognisable this topic is among the Bulgarian investors, do they show bias or are they influenced by the regulatory framework in their investment strategy and horizon. The focus is on examining internal policies and rules for making investment decisions consistent with socially responsible investment factors and on the degree of exposure of the investors to the risks of such investments in companies of their portfolio.

The study was prepared by Dr Elina Karpacheva, a lawyer with scientific and teaching experience and chair of the European Compliance Centre. It is performed through filling in an electronic enquiry consisting of forty questions, addressed to institutions, asset management companies and individual investors.

Responses will be collected by the end of June, after which a report will be prepared based on the analysis of the collected data. It will include only aggregated data and conclusions without mentioning the interviewees or their answers. The report will be presented at a round table on the subject in the autumn. BSE is planning to conduct this study every two years, in order to track the trends of socially responsible investing in our country.

The enquiry is available online.

source: NCGC